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> Joker

The creator of this website. 19 years hacking toasters and still kicking. Have experience with website making with HTML, CSS and some PHP. Proficient in C. Have some experience with C++, C#, VB.NET, SQL and Python. Very light experience with Java.

> Ren

Aspiring game developer with a PhD in Modern Depression. 19 years making a game to defeat Death Stranding in the Game Awards. Proficient in Website making with HTML, CSS and PHP and Software development with C, Python, SQL, Visual Basic .NET and GML.

> Whiterose

Modern day weeb with a PhD in Alternative Style. Married to Joker. 16 years of Minecraft memes. Some experience with website making using HTML and CSS. Proficient with C. Experience with SQL and Visual Basic .NET.

> Jano

Legendary League of Legends player who is too good for E-Sports, so Riot doesn't let him in. 19 years of Saness maymays. Proficient in Website making with HTML, CSS and PHP and Software Development with C, Visual Basic .NET, SQL and GML.

> Cyref

Bi Computer Science Student. The "bi" stands for stuff like "bitch idiot", "bem inútil" or "beary intelligent". 18 years of some good maymes. Proficient in Java.

> Khiruba

Sans Undertale. Will destroy you in Pokémon, if you ain't careful. 17 years of Cod Dooty. Proficient in Website Development using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and Software Development using C, Python, SQL and Visual Basic .NET.


DOUBLE ACE GAMES is an Indie Game Development Studio founded by Nuno Dias, set to officially open in 2023.

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